14 May

The focal point took place in the Taman Ganesha. Why? Because the basic of this event’s concept is for a park as a place for interaction between the local communities and student, especially from ITB. It is in chime with their tagline, “Feel The Festivity and See The Magic Happens”. The event was very lively duting the day, there’s a cooking class from Nanny’s Pavillion and eating contest “Man vs. Meat”. In addition, there are outbound and flying fox. The decorations are also very rousing with colorful lights which create a colorful lights around the park which makes the trees feel more lively. The foods aren’t less interesting either, most of them has run out of stock long before the show finishes. There’s also Sinou Coffee Resto and Karnivor that are supporting the event.

20130505_155741 20130505_162449 20130505_165759

At the end of the show, the attendance is entertained by the appeareance of MOCCA. The flow of the swing jazz music from MOCCA plus the vocalist (Arina) who always wears a dress in every appearance, absolutely stunning. The audience was also singing along, every song through and through which MOCCA performed. Some spectators turned out to hold a gas balloon. Above the stage Arina too holding two gas balloons. The gorgeous vocalist invited the audience that holds gas balloons to release them together. It’s get merrier when the ballooons were floating in the air MOCCA played their music right away.


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