Creativity is yours, mine, and ours

27 Feb

It was identical with the other records about how to produce the creativeness, but this one has a somehow, eye-catching dictions for the title: “Seeking Motivation in All the Incorrect Places“. Well, most individuals will look out for concepts in such an common position and in such an common way. Then I noticed, this is one of the biggest mistakes in producing suggestions. Our mind will prevent the ‘inappropriate ideas‘, which actually, those ‘inappropriate ideas‘ could be the biggest ones. The common atmosphere could somehow make boundaries and limitations in our go that are creating self-judgmental for the produced concepts.

People usually look for for inspiration in the common way because it is valuable from an transformative viewpoint. When individuals are younger, they look to others to see how they should behave; what to eat and what not to eat, where simply walking and where to prevent. Everyone is led to believe that the best way to understand something is to imitate something else. Where will the unique ideas come from? We will have a large number of same company items and concepts get lost, while the power and the financial constraints that have been invested for it could be used for produce other unique, excellent concepts.

We should try for other methods to produce concepts, therefore we could make somehow, the unique ones. Confess it, most of us often got concepts in a different locations, not in the so known as effectively locations, right? Therefore, we shall go to a different locations more. It will be very excellent for us if we go to new locations that have not been frequented before, try something new that have not been knowledgeable before.

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