6 Feb

Perceiving the tag line above, visitors can obviously notice Pattern Ideas provides a daily amount of motivation regarding structure, advertising, modern styles and anything innovative. As the ‘first time’ audience, I was fascinated by the well-captured pictures. Clean and controllable are the perfect words explaining its first impact.

The overall look looks simple eye-catching shown by its simple pictures positioning and fairly neutral color utilization. Pattern Ideas provides a simple routing for easy studying. It separates the opinions selection into traditional, flipcard, journal, variety, sidebar, overview and timeslide. Readers can basically choose whatever studying style they like the most. For a quick view in the flipcard, the pictures are handled into several area such as recent, date, brand and writer. As we can see from the image above, the flipcard reveals images in a rectangle forms. At any time visitors click on an image, a pop up window seems to be, displaying bigger of images together with its information and source. The category of groups on appearance makes easier visitors to surf through the images.

The overall material of Pattern Insights’ are basically content of pictures. Each of the images has a strong personality and out of the box indeed. Besides it reasonable overall look, the material of content are not complete, yet the information is less explaining the images. In my view, a good weblog should publish illustrative content to entice visitors. Pattern Ideas actually has its durability in offering a broad range groups, but unfortunately it has not success create the content. In addition, the weblog is lately not modified as the newest publish is from 2011. Pattern Ideas actually should publish more content in order to entice visitors.


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